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Distance Measuring Equipment

Navigate with confidence with Thales DME 5x

The new generation of Thales DME 5x encompasses the Thales experience gained with the previous generations adding performance, reliability and state-of-the-art technology of the modern digitalized radio design.

Higher integrity, higher reliability

Thales DME 5x is a modern equipment available in fixed and mobile version. DME 5x is deployed in indoor version for airport environment and outdoor version to support PBN and resilient installation. 
Driven by needs for modern DME equipment to support Performance Based Navigation (PBN) extensive usage, the new generation of DME 5x has safety and performances in numbers. 
Cyber secured by design against malicious attacks, it improves accuracy for TMA and en-route navigation safety and benefits of higher capacity to manage and monitor the increase traffic load. 
Reliability and integrity are enhanced by the use of new technology components. The architecture is safety-oriented and reliable in operation, thanks to modern components operating at low stress levels.

Higher performance

The high level of integration of the new DME 5x has a unique system with low and high power within the same equipment. 5x generation of DME is easily collocated with further equipment such as CVOR, DVOR and ILS. By developing a configuration more sustainable and green, it allows reducing the number of modules and improving to reduced consumption.

Compliant with the ICAO standards, NextGen and SESAR, Thales, a key player in all major ATM modernization initiatives!

Thales participates in the European SESAR programme, which coordinates R&D in the Air Traffic Management domain. In 2020, Thales helped to equip commercial aircraft with new generation flight management systems which were used on over 50,000 flights whose environmental performance was recorded.

Performance Based Navigation

Embrace the navigation of the future

DME technology has matured. As part of the future implementation of GNSS operations and the approach of PBN, Thales offers an optimum ground navigation capacity with its DME/DME solution based on the DME 5x.
Building on decades of experience providing its customers with safe and reliable DME systems, the new DME features a Required Navigation Performance (RNP) up to 0.3nm, providing navigation accuracy performances close to those of the GPS when used in DME-DME navigation mode - based on triangulation between multiple DME signals.

Ready for the future

As DME and DME-DME navigation increasingly gain their rightful place as an A-PNT of choice in GNSS-denied environments, the ATM world will have to adapt to accommodate the growing demand for available bandwidth. 
Thales has already anticipated this emerging challenge by working on three key technical evolutions with partners at European level within the SESAR programme. 

Support and services

Thales provides logistics support and technical assistance for the DME equipment and can provide managed services to its customers who engage a new business model.

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