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Preventing unlawful cross-border activities and fighting criminal organisations on land and sea borders requires effective and comprehensive surveillance and control systems. Thales’s systems give our customers these capabilities. They allow clients to efficiently monitor borderlines, improve reaction time from detection to interception, match the diverse nature and level of threats, and optimise the way the different human and technical resources are deployed.
Solutions tailored to customer’s mission
Thales delivers advanced turnkey solutions to address the specific needs and constraints of each Border Guards entity.
Thales solutions are built on field proven assets, state of the art components and are designed with innovative modeling and simulation tools.
Thales expertise relies on a proven track record of large and complex security systems successfully implemented in many countries as well as in-depth knowledge of how border surveillance is carried out.


Area protection

Securing and protecting people and assets

Allowing forces to concentrate on their primary mission objectives:

  • Rapid and effective protection of areas (camps, compounds, etc.), neutralising a wide range of land-based threats, with fewer personnel engaged in surveillance.
  • Delivered through a network of sensors (optronic, radar, acoustic, etc.) and effectors (lethal, non-lethal), with Command and Control management..
  • A modular approach, from simple intrusion detection systems (fast and easy deployment) to complete networked systems that detect and identify threats and neutralize them.
  • An optimum solution adapted to suit your mission, budget and planning, from standard generic systems to bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate legacy systems
  • Based on CD & E (Concept Development and Experimentation) approach                                                                  
Key references:
  • MobIDS, perimetric protection system in service within the German forces for out-of-area operations
  • DISCUS, compound security system to support the Netherlands Armed Forces deployed in Afghanistan
  • SPECTRE, assessment study and a demonstrator in France, dedicated to the platoon and camp protection
  • SL2A, an acoustic protection system for the localization of hostile fire in all theaters of conflict, ranging from peacekeeping operations to large-scale war situations