Aware360, an industrial IoT solution provider, uses a variety of Gemalto Cinterion® technology to help companies improve the health, safety and efficiency of workers in the field.

In this short video, Robert Forget, Aware360’s chief technology officer, explains how Gemalto helped Aware360 reduce the complexity of data collection and analytics allowing the company to focus on its expertise - developing software to meet the needs of individual customers.


Taking IoT Lone Worker Devices to the Next Level

In addition to helping Aware360 update legacy equipment and scale projects from single to multitenant applications, Gemalto is helping to integrate cutting-edge innovations into existing products.

For instance, Aware360 is improving lone worker devices by integrating payment solutions into wearable devices that can be worn 24-7.

The result?

This improves convenience for workers who can pay for food, gas and supplies on job sites with their wearable SOS device instead of carrying a separate payment card.

Gemalto provides a variety of different offerings out into the market today. From Secure Elements, to SIM cards, to payment chips and of course, the modules for connectivity, we are using more and more of the Gemalto offering in order to create holistic solutions for our customers. Robert Forget, Chief Technology Officer, Aware360