In today's fast-paced, global IoT landscape, solution providers need the flexibility to quickly connect devices and global fleets over widely dispersed areas.

Updating a SIM card manually is not a viable option for IoT devices such as shipping containers that travel overseas.

The Thales eSIM and Network Subscription Management solutions, part of a broader array of IoT services, are revolutionizing IoT connectivity, simplifying manufacturing, speeding time to market, and allowing greater flexibility with the service provider and data plan updates. 


Simplifying IoT with instant connectivity

The Thales solution uses industrial-grade embedded SIMs (eSIM) and eUICC technology to automatically download - over-the-air (OTA) - any mobile network operator profile at the first use of a device.

The results of this added flexibility are profound for the entire IoT ecosystem:

 One product design and SKU can now serve any MNO.

Secure and remote connectivity provisioning simplifies manufacturing and the entire IoT value chain significantly while allowing economies of scale and cost savings.

That's all our customers enjoy. 


Flexible network subscriptions put the "mobile" back in IoT.

The Thales eSIM Management Platform allows fully flexible mobile subscriptions and updates for industrial IoT solutions' long life.

Thales manages cellular connectivity changes, as business needs evolve, by updating MNO profiles securely over the air at any point in the device's lifecycle.

This process is particularly crucial for mobile IoT applications such as vehicle fleets.

With more than 150 deployments worldwide, Thales delivers the world's most popular eSIM management platform across mobile operators, operator alliances, MVNOs, and OEMs.


Complementary IoT services