As new risks & global threats emerge, governments are calling for higher level of security at the borderlines in order to reinforce the protection of the homeland security.
Prevention of unlawful cross-borders activities and fight against criminal organisations at land and maritime borders implies the implementation of thorough and comprehensive surveillance and control systems.

Border Security

Seamless information-sharing for green, yellow and blue borders, and coordinated communication with the broader law enforcement communities can enable border control agencies to anticipate inspections to ensure compliance with entry and import permits.

Cost-effective integrated and modular Thales systems combine intelligence and automation, enabling efficient, multi-criteria analysis to detect potential threats. Intrusion-detection information is gathered via system-integrated acquisition modules or via connections with other sub-systems. Thales selects sensors (radar, cameras, microwaves, and others) that are adapted to the environment, terrain, operating conditions and level of security desired.
Passenger flow has increased everywhere. Gatekeepers must enhance the security at check points through the use of digital identity documents. As part of a biometric passport control system, Thales demonstrates chip access security and integration of a high-performance e-passport reading solution for passport control in less than five seconds.


Improved Capabilities for customers

Thales' solutions provide to customers enhanced capabilities to :

  • Monitor efficiently the borderlines
  • Improve reaction time from detection to interception
  • Match the diversity of threats’ nature and level
  • Optimise deployment and usage of the different human and technical resources

Solutions tailored to customer’s mission

Thales delivers advanced turnkey solutions to address the specific needs and constraints of each Border Guards entity.
Thales solutions are built on field proven assets, state of the art components and designed with innovative modelling and simulation tools and experts .
Thales expertise relies on a proven tracks record of large and complex security systems successfully implemented in many countries as well as an intimate knowledge of the specificities of the task of border surveillance.