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Gartner, eSIM, emerging technologies and trends impact radar for devices



Emerging Technologies Horizon - Devices, Gartner Research

Devices are the cornerstone of the consumer and IoT worlds.

"Equally important are the enabling technologies (such as 5G, computer vision and edge AI) and interface modalities (such as virtual assistants [VAs] and augmented reality [AR] that make these devices more personalized, intelligent and intuitive”.

"The rate of technology emergence and the pace of innovation are accelerating device diversity while shortening device lifetime. Product leaders in the device market must exploit emerging technologies to remain competitive, capitalize on market opportunities and differentiate their offerings."

eSIM is one of these “9 technologies and trends that product leaders must evaluate and determine their potential impact on devices”.

“eSIMs will have a high impact as there will be more nonsmartphone devices, especially for wearable without relying on smartphones.”

AI-powered solutions

Download a complimentary copy of Gartner’s research to learn more about their recommendations on:

  • “What emerging trends and technologies to adopt for devices in order to remain competitive, capitalize on market opportunities and differentiate their offerings”.
  • How device OEMs and mobile operators should prioritize eSIM integration in their offerings.


Gartner Inc., Emerging Technologies Horizon Devices, CK Lu, Annette Jump, Annette Zimmermann, Tuong Nguyen, Nick Ingelbrecht, Roberta Cozza, Anshul Gupta, Tracy Tsai, Adrian Lee, Bill Ray, Danielle Casey, 31 December 2020

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