Tactical land Electronic Warfare Solution

TEWS is a scalable CESM/CECM solution for land forces.

TEWS is a comprehensive Tactical Electronic Support and Attack solution (COMINT/ESM/ECM) designed to target the most complex and recent HF and V/UHF radio signals in land environment.

TEWS includes sensor payloads, sensor exploitation hardware and software, sensor integration on any platforms (shelters and land vehicles) and sensor C2 integration using secure voice and data networks.

TEWS contributes to the recognised land picture, augmenting the commander’s situational awareness thanks to the monitoring of adverse networks and broadcasts. It provides warning of a change in enemy posture or the presence of enemy activity.

Interception and monitoring generate enemy Electronic Orders of Battle. Electronic Attack assets also contribute to force protection by jamming or denying enemy communications.

TEWS integrates the latest generation of Thales digital CIEW equipment for fast, wideband interception, monitoring, direction-finding and jamming over HF, VHF and UHF.
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Typical TEWS Architecture
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