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Gemalto's Biometric Authentication Technology Revolutionizes Automated Border Control in Colombia

Iris recognition at Bogota International Airport facilitates secure border crossing in seconds

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ABC Gates Paris

PARAFE: a new generation of smart gates for the ADP Group.

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Eurodac: the European Union's first multinational biometric system

Eurodac: the European Union’s first multinational biometric system

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Saudi Arabia builds a safer future with biometric border.

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DHS Ident

DHS’s Automated Biometric Identification System IDENT – the heart of biometric visitor identification in the USA.

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Lebanese passport: the new biometric ePassport launched

Discover the new Lebanese biometric passport launched on 1 August 2016. It incorporates Gemalto’s visual security features and electronic technologies

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San Francisco Police Department and the Gemalto Cogent ABIS

Discover how comprehensive biometric identification solution is helping to enhance public safety in San Francisco

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New biometric electronic residence card for Denmark

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Biometric Resident Card (TSE)

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