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​​Mobile Border and Visa

Ease of use, convenience, massive costs savings using a full-fledged inspection system in officer’s pocket are only a few of the motivations that characterize the development of the Gemalto Mobile Border and Visa Apps now deployed on smart phones, tablets and other Android devices and peripherals.

The mobile solutions are fully integrated with the Gemalto Border & Visa Management backend systems to provide an integrated experience with a high value addition.

Customer Stories

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    In 2013, Ghana entrusted Gemalto with its e-Immigration system, central to the eGhana project - an ambitious plan to create a modern IT infrastructure that can support sustainable development in the years ahead. The issue of migration and document verification have never been more at the forefront. Coesys Document Verification is an integrated part of the e-Immigration system, deployed now on each visa and border stations, as well as at headquarters.

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    At the end of 2010, Gemalto was chosen to upgrade Croatia’s border control system with Coesys Document Verification and a full mobile version of Coesys Border Management system to ru​n in biometric handheld devices.


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