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​​​ Sealys Edge SealerUnique in the market, Thales Gemalto ​Edg​e Sealer​ feature is a laser engraving process applied during the personalization stage. Documents are laser-etched with markings along the edge of the document, thus adding an additional layer of security. The laser engravings ideally relate to the holder’s personal information, using their name, serial number, or other unique information.

Gemalto Edge Sealer is visibly at the edge. It offers convenience, security and ease of implementation. The technique is impossible to duplicate with a copy machine or scanner and is extremely difficult to reproduce due to the special expertise and unique technology required. ​​

Seal your document against cutting attempts

Gemalto Edge Sealer literally “seals” your secure document against any delamination or cutting attempts.​​​

Gemalto Edge Sealer is a security feature you can find our several European driver licences including the UK driving licence and the new generation of Finnish eIDs and ePassports launched in 2017 in particular. 

Gemalto Edge Sealer is part of the Thales range of secure document features and can be applied to all plastic materials used in the production of secure documents: Polycarbonate, PET/PVC and PVC.

Gemalto Edge Sealer technology is based on a dedicated personalization step, which can be easily integrated into existing personalization systems, and is in particular supported by Thales' Issuance solution. 

Do you think Gemalto Edge Sealer can help you design a more secure document? 

At Thales, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to security. That's why we strive to provide secure, durable and innovative solutions.  

We also offer extensive experience and support, enabling our customers to meet their expectations for distinctive documents that are as secure as they are attractive. 

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