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​​​​With Thales Gemalto Window Lock security feature, Thales presents a new security concept for the protection of the holder portrait against any subsequent change by means of additional laser engraving.Sealys Window Lock


The technology for polycarbonate​ is based on a sophisticated laser ablation personalization process on a metallic foil which is integrated into a transparent window. A ghost image is laser personalized into the metal foil so that a simultaneous manipulation of the card hold ​​​​portrait and ghost image after issuance of the document will leave visible traces.

​​​A friendly ghost to prevent tampering

​Window Lock implements a "negative" personalization process where the light-coloured image is personalized by metal ablation. Hence, fraudulent manipulation of the cardholder portrait could easily be detected.

Window Lock presents a highly innovative security concept which is easy to understand and to verify, resulting in further increased security level of travel and identity documents.​

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You can also find this feature in the new Finnish ID and passport launched in 2017.

Do you think Window Lock can help you design a more secure document? 

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We offer extensive experience and support, enabling our customers to meet their expectations for distinctive documents that are as secure as they are attractive. 

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