​​​​​​Optically variable device

Gemalto Clear to Cyan Sealer

For easy authentication and enhanced document security, Gemalto Clear to Cyan (C2C) technology embeds a transparent colour-shifting optically variable device, such as a patch or strip, into the credential. 

These optically variable devices using C2C technology are easy to see but hard to replicate.

Transparent when viewed straight on, the optically variable device (OVD)​ appears as a cyan colour when viewed at an angle. The custom embossing features a rainbow effect built with hundreds of layers using a proprietary process. 

The film reflects and refracts light, creating a distinct and easily detectable visible effect. ​

​M​​ultiple features for authentication

  • Strong overt colour shift
  • Patented and proprietary colour shifting film technology
  • Indelible embossing with dynamic colour effect




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