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How to secure onboarding and access to digital banking services – with the customer experience in focus

A Gemalto IdCloud solution paper

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fs-IdCloud-KYC.png July 2021

Thales Gemalto IdCloud for Onboarding

Cloud based solution to secure onboarding to digital banking services

Gemalto IdCloud KYC [PDF - 2.4mb]

Thales Gemalto IdCloud

One cloud platform to secure the digital banking journey

Gemalto IdCloud [PDF - 1mb]

ID verification for financial institutions

Verify your customers’ genuine identity with frictionless ID document forensics and biometric checks, optimised for digital banking

ID verification for financial institutions

How NewBanking and Thales enable GDPR and AML data compliance through an innovative collaboration

A collaborative solution to solve collection, management & verification of personal documents

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Everything you need to know about AML 5

The fifth Anti Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) set a new set of rules to help financial entities protect against the risks of money laundering and financing of terrorism

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Key best practices for digital onboarding

This ebook highlights the key best practices we have identified during deployments of KYC projects using our solution in the banking private sector, and key technologies to be used to allow a smooth onboarding and reduce identity fraud

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